The 5am Club: Why is it trending, and should you consider it?

Jul 30, 2021 Lifestyle

Would you set your morning alarm to 5am if it promised to improve your mood and productivity levels? We’ve looked into this growing trend and summarised how it works and whether you should try it on for size.

Although you have 24 hours in a day, how many are dedicated solely to you? Between sleep and work, there’s only eight hours remaining — often taken up by life’s various commitments and responsibilities

It can become a lot to squeeze into a single day, and if we find ourselves unable to maintain a balance, it can come at the expense of our mental, physical and emotional health.

What if there was a way to anchor your day in a way which promised to unlock your productivity, while keeping your wellbeing in check? Enter the 5am Club.

The 5am Club was created by leadership and personal development expert Robin Sharma, using principles he’s taught to some of the world’s most successful people for over twenty years.

These teachings were made accessible to all with the release of his book, The 5am Club, in 2018. However, after a turbulent 2020, the notion has experienced a resurgence as many of us had the opportunity to reflect upon our everyday rituals and routines.

‘Own your morning, elevate your life’. It’s a big statement, but the general consensus from those who have adopted the routine is that once you commit, the benefits outweigh the temptation to ever hit snooze again.

So how does the 5am Club work?

As the name suggests, the club has a 5am start time. The idea is that at 5am, you’re most likely to be uninterrupted, allowing you to properly focus on you before the rest of the world wakes up. The routine breaks up the next hour into three 20-minute activities, focused on movement, reflection and learning.

The first 20 minutes is reserved for breaking a sweat through exercise, the second for meditating, journaling or planning your goals, and the third for trying something new. Learning a language, listening to a podcast or reading for leisure are just a few examples.

By reserving an hour for yourself every morning, the program seeks to give you the tools and habits to improve your productivity, health, happiness and even sleep.

If you choose to pursue your own 5am Club experience, many Caydon developments have been designed to inspire an early morning wake-up call. Our shared spaces focus on fostering a sense of wellness, allowing residents to step away from their homes and the temptation to put on a load of washing or vacuum the living room during dedicated you time.

The Park at HOME By Caydon features three-quarters of an acre of open space full of greenery and tranquil gardens, encouraging you to slow down and reflect. Residents can also get their heart pumping with the convenience of the gym and Pilates pavilion close at hand, or find their Zen on the dedicated yoga lawn.

Coppins Corner within The Malt District also offers amenities designed to enhance your overall wellbeing. The dedicated Health Club incorporates an onsite gym and yoga studio, whilst The Relaxation Centre features a steam room, spa, sauna, meditation room and massage pod.

For those who love a city view, the Rooftop at Due North will be the perfect place to kickstart you day. Take a dip in the infinity pool or hit the gym and yoga space to tick off your movement goals while watching the sun come up.

To join the 5am Club in comfort and style, search our available properties.

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