A beginner's guide to propagating plants

Oct 29, 2021

You don’t need to be a gardening expert to create a lush, urban oasis in your own apartment. We’ve shared our five simple steps to help you master the art of propagating new plants in no time!

Filling your apartment with greenery has many physical and mental health benefits, such as improving air quality, reducing stress, and even increasing productivity while working from home. But did you know you can surround yourself with plants for free?

Enter propagation – the process of creating an entirely new plant using an offcut from your existing plants. It’s a natural technique used by humans for millennia – and with Spring now in full swing, there’s no better time to get snipping.

If you’re not a natural green thumb, don’t fret. With a few simple steps, you’ll become a propagating “pro” in no time.

Step 1. Picking your plant

Firstly, make sure your plant is healthy and established. Cuttings taken from green, fresh growth are more likely to be successful in rooting.

Some plants are easier to propagate than others. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with common varieties, such as a monstera, devils ivy, philodendron, or Chinese money plant. To help deck out your apartment, check out our suggestions from plant-experts Pop Wilder. These lush varieties will love apartment living as much as you do!

Step 2: Grab a pair of scissors

Now for the main event! Taking a pair of scissors or small secateurs, snip off a stem that has plenty of nodes along the base. These tiny, small bumps are key to propagating most plants, as this is where your new roots will grow from. Your new cutting should be at least 15cm long, as a general rule of (green) thumb.

While you’re preparing your cutting, make sure to remove excess leaves from the stem. This tells your plant to focus its energy on growing new roots, instead of keeping extra leaves alive. It’s especially important to remove leaves that will be below water when you put it in its glass jar or vase.

Metal watering can and plants growing in beakers

Step 3: Hydrate!

Put the fresh-cut end of the plant in a vessel and fill it with fresh water. There are plenty of common household items you can use to home your new cutting, such as a clean glass jar or bottle. Not only are they easy to come by, but using a clear vessel allows you to check in on the status of the roots with minimal effort.

Spraying seedlings with spray bottle

Step 4: Watch and wait

You’ll want to wait until your plant has established roots, around 1-2 inches long, before planting it. This can take 4-6 weeks, depending on the season.

During this time, it’s important to change the cutting’s water at least once a week and keep it in a room with bright, indirect sunlight. Our home automation packages are perfect for keeping the sunlight in - simply program your blinds to roll up with the press of a button!

Putting soil into pot plant

Step 5: Get dirty

Once your plant has established some long, healthy roots, it’s time for the fun part - planting it! Taking your desired planter and potting mix, carefully plant your cutting, making sure to cover all its roots. Once potted, saturate it with room temperature water, and let it dry out before the next water.

All that’s left to do is find a sunny spot in your apartment for your new plant to call home!

What’s next?

Now you’ve mastered the art of propagating plants, it will be hard to resist turning your home into a lush, urban oasis. Browse our range of unique apartments and floorplans to find the right match for you.