Apartment amenities of the future

Oct 29, 2021

We’ve always made it a priority to include an abundance of practical amenities within our developments. Let’s fast-forward a few years and take a look at what apartment amenities of the future might look like.

What could apartment features of the future look like?

Living in a Caydon apartment means you have access to some impressive amenities – think rooftop pools, gyms, saunas, yoga rooms and moonlight cinemas, to name a few.

So, what can we expect to see in the realm of futuristic apartment amenities beyond 2021?

We’ve put together our top six predictions of what could be big in this space in the not-so-distant future.

1. Smart apartments will keep getting smarter

With home automation technology on the rise, it makes sense that fully integrated smart apartments are the next step. We envisage futuristic apartments equipped with digital locks and smart security systems powered by AI, given services like your cleaner and dog walker easy, monitored access into your home when you’re not there.
Appliances could also become self-sufficient – for instance, your fridge could automatically order your groceries when you’re running low on items, or your oven and cooktop could take care of the clean-up after you’ve made an epic mess in the kitchen.

2. Wi-Fi, but make it better

The stress of setting up a new Wi-Fi connection is something that’s scarred many. From selecting the right plan – lock in contract or month by month? – to choosing a carrier and organising a day to be home for installation, the entire process can be painful to say the least.

Unlike other developers, Caydon have embedded Wi-Fi networks which can be activated as soon as you move in. Simply select a plan and start surfing the web instantly. Just like turning on a light switch, you’ll be able to check your emails or binge-watch Netflix without a hitch.

3. Never miss your ride

One of the major benefits of apartment living is the premium inner-city location, which means ride share services like Uber are only ever a few minutes away from your door.

Although the wait might be short, there’s nothing fun about standing on the curb in the pouring rain, waving down your driver.

At HOME By Caydon in Alphington, the lobby includes a comfortable waiting lounge with easy access to a drop off and pick-up zone, making it easy and safe for both you and your driver. 

We’re predicting that we’ll start to see more designated pick-up and drop-off locations within apartment buildings, made just for residents. 

4. The home office, reimagined

As working from home becomes the new norm for many, our homes have turned from places of rest to working offices as well. While there are many ways you can design a functional home office to support a productive workday, we’re expecting a rise in apartment co-working spaces to provide residents with alternative office options – also reducing the overhead costs for business owners. 

Our Due North development features a ground floor co-working space for residents who are looking to switch up their working environment. In future apartment buildings, we expect these exclusive co-working spaces to become bigger and better – think soundproof phone booths, breakout areas, podcast studios and wellness rooms.

5. Black out windows are the new block out blinds

While block out blinds are essential in a modern apartment, and come as standard for all Caydon developments, we expect black out windows to gain traction in the future.

Utilising “smart glass”, black out windows can turn from transparent to opaque, tinted or completely dark in seconds. A frosted glass setting means you can also opt for privacy without compromising on natural light.

This technology goes hand in hand with home automation and we’re sure the control of these features via smartphones and voice activation will soon follow.

6. Access to doggy day care during the working week

With an estimated 29 million pets sharing our homes, new apartment buildings are looking to become more pet smart. Buildings like HOME already feature impressive outdoor spaces, including a purpose-built dog run so pets and owners have a space to connect.

For those who don’t have the luxury of working from home, we’re expecting in-house doggy day care will be an amenity to look out for. No need to drop your furry friends off to day care on your way into the office, simply leave them in your apartment building to enjoy a day out and make some fellow new four-legged-friends along the way.

While the above amenities may be integrated into apartment buildings of the future, we integrate world-class amenities within every Caydon development today. Explore our impressive shared spaces.