Coppins Corner Tops Out and What's Happening to the Nylex Silos?

Aug 20, 2020

The Malt District is taking shape, with the roof now in place on our Coppins Corner apartment building. Known as ‘topping out’ in industry terms, this represents an exciting milestone of what’s to come.

Coppins Corner is the sole residential building in The Malt District. Residents of Coppins Corner apartments will have access to a rooftop terrace, gym, meditation room, sauna and lounge — all within the building.

A historic Melbourne landmark, housing heritage malting silos, the Nylex Clock and VB sign, The Malt District will breathe new life into this iconic site, combining the very latest in urban design with existing heritage structures. The Malt District will become a hive of activity for Cremorne locals and Melburnians alike, as a place to live, work and play on the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD.

Work has recently begun on the site’s iconic silos. Working closely with Heritage Victoria and specialist heritage consultants Lovell Chen, we will not only be preserving the original silos, but will integrate them into new buildings, transforming The Malt District from an abandoned industrial site to a thriving precinct consisting of cafés, retail, restaurants, offices, residential spaces and even a microbrewery.

Under the guidance of Heritage Victoria, we will repurpose various materials from throughout the site. There will be a range of historically significant buildings and maltings equipment that we will retain and restore, due to their age, rarity or role in showcasing the malting process. Some will be salvaged and repurposed for modern use or relocated on site and reinterpreted in key locations to celebrate The Malt District’s roots.  

Buildings or equipment that came later, are unsalvageable or don’t provide a unique insight into the Nylex site’s early operations, will be removed. This will enable the addition of new buildings that, in harmony with the heritage silos, will make The Malt District a unique destination. These removals will only involve non-heritage elements on the site, including newer silos and various grain stores. By removing these structures, residents and the wider community will enjoy greater visibility of The Malt District’s heritage silos and buildings.

This will ensure that The Malt District retains a strong link with its past and that its heritage is passed down to future generations. It also guarantees a future for the most iconic elements of the site, such as the original silos and signage.

Speaking of signage, the development would not be complete without a full restoration of the iconic Nylex Clock — Melbourne’s cultural icon. Rest assured it’s in safe hands; the clock will be removed from the site to undergo repairs and once construction on this area is complete, approximately a 2‑year task, the sign will return to the same place above the silos, although some 15m higher so it remains visible across Cremorne and Richmond to tell the time for future generations of Melburnians.

Joe Russo, Caydon’s Managing Principal is also enthusiastic about the economic opportunities coming to The Malt District.

“In bringing this vision to life, which includes the construction of Accor’s 25hours Hotel, Silo Studios and the Nylex Offices, we are forecasting the creation of 2,400 construction jobs either directly on site, or via consultancy and supplementary services.”

With over 78% of Coppins Corner apartments already sold, this project has been popular among first home buyers, owner occupiers and investors, all drawn to The Malt District by its central location and historic surrounds.

With Coppins Corner scheduled to be completed this summer, don’t miss your chance to live at the only planned residential offering at The Malt District.

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