How to create your very own outdoor oasis

Oct 08, 2021

Since we all started spending so much time at home, homebuyers are placing a premium on outdoor space. Here’s how you can set up your very own outdoor oasis that you can enjoy all year-round.

How to create your very own outdoor oasis

In the current era of spending most of our life, work and play time at home, homebuyers are prioritising functional, multipurpose spaces within their homes – outdoors in particular. Your apartment balcony or courtyard connects your apartment to the natural world and is an outdoor sanctuary that’s entirely yours.

With some clever furniture selection and simple styling, you can elevate your outdoor space for year-round enjoyment. From lazy weekend mornings to evening BBQs, you’ll find any excuse to spend more time outdoors.

Blur the lines between the indoors and out

To create your oasis, you’ll want to blend the indoors with the outdoors for a seamless connection. An outdoor lounge setting adds style and comfort, providing you with a multipurpose space ideal for both quiet moments with a good book and lively get togethers.

Choose a similar colour palette to your apartment interiors and make it extra cosy by layering cushions and a throw rug, adding various textures for visual appeal. The addition of a floor rug can help tie the space together and complete the scene.

The greener the better

Greenery can do wonders to an outdoor space, bringing life and colour with little effort. Consider plant varieties that thrive in the sunshine, and choose plants and pots in various shapes, colours and sizes for maximum visual interest.

If you’re not a natural green thumb, a nursery can do all the repotting for you along with the best tips on the most hard-wearing plant varieties that require minimal maintenance. Seek advice from the experts at Glasshaus – local designers, florists and horticulturalists, with three separate venues across Richmond and Cremorne.

If you’re feeling extra creative, a vertical planter can double as an art piece, or a herb and veggie garden can be a fun project to get the little ones involved in.

Wine and dine al fresco

Choosing a high-bar bench and stools for your balcony space can have multiple benefits. High bars are usually narrower than a dining table so will take up less space, can be used as a breakfast bar and will be the perfect height for a charcuterie spread when entertaining.

Not only that, but they also allow you to take in the spectacular views across Melbourne - all from your private oasis.

Set the mood with lighting

Some simple fairy lights can add a touch of magic to your outdoor oasis. The lights can be strung along your balcony balustrade, or even strategically placed as a feature piece on an outside wall.

Candles can also create mood lighting for your get togethers, doubling as mozzie repellent in summer if you opt for the citronella varieties. Be sure to never leave your outdoor candles unattended though – safety first!

Find your home with Caydon and enjoy your very own outdoor oasis.