How to ensure you're buying quality

Oct 21, 2021

Your brand-new apartment should be a home that you love for many years to come. Because we know that not all apartments are created equal, we’ve provided a guide on what to look out for when you first start your new home journey.

How to ensure you’re purchasing a quality-built apartment

Not all apartments are created equal. A quality-built apartment with extra inclusions provided to you as standard can become a home you’ll love for many years to come. On the other hand, an apartment that’s been constructed on the cheap may cause you stress and disappointment, not to mention the added expenses that you just didn’t account for.

Differentiating a quality-built apartment from its lower-quality counterparts can be tricky, but we’ve put together a simple guide to assist you in understanding what to look out for.

Firstly, take a closer look at the building and the floorplan

A key giveaway could be as simple as your apartment floorplan. A cleverly planned layout can make a huge difference to your everyday life, however, an apartment that isn’t well-planned can be frustrating and provide you with wasted space. Think narrow apartments with long hallways, deceiving bedrooms where you may not fit your queen-sized bed and little-to-no storage throughout.

It’s also worth checking out the building amenities. Caydon developments feature state-of-the-art shared spaces within all of our developments, including gyms, pools and expansive garden spaces that each act as an extension of your home. They also include reliable security systems that gives you the peace of mind that whether you’re at home or living it up on a holiday – your apartment is always safe.

Do your research on the developer

Before selecting an apartment, it pays to do some research on the developer and to check out their track record. How many buildings have they delivered? Do their past purchasers love their homes? Do they deliver quality? It’s worth asking if you can do a walk through of a completed apartment to review their completed spaces, which is always an option when you purchase with Caydon.

We have over 20 years’ experience and pride ourselves on working with the best in the businesses – including our award-winning in-house Architecture & Design team who create inspiring spaces, and top-tier builders who deliver on our promise.

Choose a developer who adheres to apartment building standards

In 2021, the Victorian Government announced that all new developments with more than 10 apartments must adhere to the Better Apartment Design Standards, which includes access to a communal green space along with several other guidelines that ensure quality of life for residents. Make sure the developer you choose to purchase from has a strong reputation of not only meeting these standards but exceeding them.

At Caydon, we’re not only focused on delivering quality homes, but also on leveling up your lifestyle – we even consider the quality of life of your pets.

A quality-built apartment makes everyday life easier

A well-built, modern apartment allows for the integration of smart technologies, including the exciting world of home automation. This means you can automate your home and manage the essentials remotely, including ensuring you always come home to a warm and cosy apartment on chilly winter days.

Our resident app, Caydon HQ takes technology one step further, providing you with a central place to book shared spaces, receive notifications of deliveries and even interact with other residents for a truly connected living experience.

A quality-built apartment is easy to spot when you know what you’re looking for. If you’re considering an apartment in a premium Melbourne location, explore our range of available properties.