How to entertain in an apartment

Oct 21, 2021

Many of us love to entertain, especially when it means sharing your brand-new apartment with your nearest and dearest. We’ve pulled together our best tips for entertaining in your home, including how you can take things up a notch in Caydon’s shared spaces.

How to entertain in your apartment like a pro

Whether it’s a festive barbecue or a casual dinner party with friends, entertaining in your Caydon apartment is effortless. It’s a chance to share food, drinks and stories with friends and family, all from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve pulled together our top tips for getting the most out your Caydon apartment and how you can entertain all year round with ease. 

Maximise your open-plan design

Caydon apartments feature functional, open plan designs that make entertaining a breeze. With the kitchen, living and dining areas seamlessly connected, you’ll enjoy a sense of closeness in your space – whether it’s just one friend over or the entire extended family.

When it comes to larger parties, you can maximise your apartment space by creating designated stations within your living area. Set up a cocktail bar on your island bench with all the ingredients ready for a signature drink, set the dining table for a sit-down dinner or make the kitchen a DIY dessert bar. The best part about this is that your guests will still feel connected while enjoying each space thanks to the well-planned layout of your home.

Some of our apartments come with clever moveable island benches so you can move it aside for larger events. Open the doors to the balcony for an alfresco dining experience, or simply step outside with a drink in hand and admire the views.

Invest in clever furniture for added convenience

You can further set yourself up for success by selecting multi-purpose furniture. A coffee table with a hidden storage compartment is a great way to keep coffee table books and decor items out of sight while entertaining. Similarly, a bench seat or ottoman with storage works as both an additional seating option and a place to store belongings while friends and family are over.

A sofa bed or futon is a great option for the spare room if your guests are likely to stay the night.  When family or friends come to visit at HOME, you can give them the VIP treatment by booking a luxurious hotel-style guest rooms at no cost.

Both the Skyhomes and Terrace Homes at HOME also feature a stylish dry bar, so you’re always prepared for an impromptu tipple with friends. Your dry bar even includes a hidden Tech Drawer so you can ensure your devices are out of sight, plus you’ll be everyone’s favourite host when your guests’ phones need charging.

Take your party to the next level by utilising shared spaces

To really wow your guests, book a shared spaces for your private function. Create a memorable dinner under the stars on The Rooftop at Coppins Corner, or cosy up in a banquette at The Conservatory at Rise Moonee Ponds. When warmer weather comes around, why not host a barbeque in an Entertainment Booth at Due North in Preston?

Each of these spaces can be booked through Caydon HQ – your one-stop-shop when living and entertaining in a Caydon development. Here you can arrange for the concierge to receive your groceries and drinks, or share a post to the bulletin board to let your neighbours know of your plans. They may even want to join your group for a drink!

A few things to keep in mind

Entertaining within a Caydon apartment is easy, but a few extra tips on how to nail it like a pro never go astray.  When hosting inside, consider climate control by ensuring you have air flowing through open doors or windows, or set the air conditioner to a comfortable temperature for the event. With home automation, you can set custom scenes for entertaining – like having the aircon on low, the lights dimmed and tunes softly playing in the background for your dinner party. Just say ‘Hey Alexa, it’s dinner party time!’ and let Alexa do the rest.

Keep an eye out to make sure each area is being utilised for its intended purpose – this could mean announcing the cocktail or dessert station in the kitchen, or the sitting nooks in the living room for later in the evening.

If you do choose to utilise the shared spaces, this can also mean that your apartment will remain a clean and tidy sanctuary for you to come home to at the end of the evening.

Explore our available apartments and world-class shared spaces so you can entertain at home like a pro.