How to: Maximise your apartment living space

May 28, 2021 Style & Design

Hear from Caydon's design expert Giuditta De Santis on how you can maximise your apartment layout with clever styling tips and tricks

There are so many ways to maximise your floorplan and capitalise on spacious living within a Caydon apartment.

So how can you get the most out of your apartment living space? Caydon’s Director of Architecture and Design, Giuditta De Santis explains.

Create zones in your apartment

Defining separate zones within an open-plan apartment can help to differentiate the spaces for relaxing, entertaining and more. If you work from home, you’ll definitely want that separation so when the clock hits five, you can switch on ‘relax’ mode without feeling like you’re still in the workplace.

Successful zoning occurs when each area of your apartment has its own ambience but can also coexist harmoniously with other spaces when needed, Giuditta says.

Giuditta recommends using furniture and décor to help define these zones in open-plan spaces.

A piece of art on the wall can give definition to a dining space, while a large rug is always a winner if you’re aiming to emphasise a seating area, she says.

Maximise natural light and don’t be afraid of colour

Colour can be used to set the tone of a space, visually enhance a particular area or create intimate corners within the home.

Don’t be afraid of colour but do avoid dark tones, as they often absorb the light and make a space feel smaller. Secondly, play with mirrors to enhance natural light throughout the day, Giuditta says.

When the sun goes down, a stylish floor or table lamp can be utilised to provide ambient lighting and complement those intimate spaces.

There are many smart and minimalistic lamp designs available to enhance your space. Floor lamps can be used to complete the look and atmosphere of your apartment, she continues.

Once you’ve made your final lighting selections, level up your apartment with a home automation system that allows you to control these from afar using your smart phone.

Be thoughtful with your furniture selection

Furniture selections can make or break an apartment. The simplest way to maximise space is to choose furniture that fits your space, and remember that less can be more.

Oversized furniture tends to make the space feel cluttered; whereas smaller more minimal pieces magically make a space feel much larger, Giuditta explains.

Know what you need for each room and only invest in those key pieces.

When choosing furniture, also remember to focus on your day-to-day needs rather than the occasional large get togethers, as this is where Caydon’s world-class shared spaces will come into play.

Think of Caydon’s shared spaces as an extension of your home

Our shared spaces are designed to feel like home. When you need fresh air, rooftop pools, outdoor gyms and verdant gardens are within easy reach – gone are the days of your ‘home workout’ being confined to your living room.

If you’re entertaining, you could utilise a rooftop terrace or entertainment booths for privacy and space. Many of our projects also feature full-sized dining rooms with complete kitchens, so you can invite a crowd over for a dinner party with all the trimmings.

Wondering what life is like in a Caydon apartment? Browse our apartments to discover how you too can maximise your future floorplan.

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