How to style your living room for maximum comfort

Jan 18, 2022

Transform your living room into the ultimate relaxation destination with these simple styling tips.

Every room of a home has a unique purpose. We sleep in the bedroom; we feast in the kitchen, and we relax in the living room. 

Styling your space for maximum comfort can be achieved by integrating key pieces of furniture with a mix of complementary homewares. With some clever space planning, you can even maximise your apartment living space while you’re at it.

Once you pick up the keys to your brand new Caydon apartment, it’s time to make it feel just like home, starting by creating your very own relaxation destination within the living room. 

Start by mapping out your space

Before the actual styling commences, ask yourself a few questions: How do I want my living room to make me feel? How will be I using my living room day to day? Will I be entertaining in my living room?

Answering your own questions will help you prioritise what’s important to you when styling, while give you a goal to work towards. 

Choose a colour palette that you love

Next up, put together a tonal colour palette that makes gives you happy vibes. Whether you’re a fan of soft neutrals or bold textile prints, sticking to a colour palette will help you anchor the room and create a sense of cohesion.

This doesn’t mean everything needs to perfectly match – but working with a select group of colours will give you parameters when pairing your furniture with fun new décor items. 

Make your couch as cosy as possible

There’s no denying the couch is a core feature of any living room. In smaller spaces, a couch with legs can make a room appear larger, especially if you position it flush against a wall. 

Layer up the couch with 3-5 cushions in various sizes, and hang a throw blanket across one of the arms. Play with the seasons too – opt for a lighter linen throw in summer and swap it out for a heavier woollen blanket in winter. 

Add warmth and functionality

A rug not only adds warmth to your living room, but it also helps to set your relaxation ‘zone’. Generally, the bigger the rug, the larger the room will feel. Ensure the rug you choose is big enough to place under the legs of your couch for a polished finish. Remember that rugs do require a little maintenance – purchasing one that’s easy to clean and vacuum, such as a low-pile rug, will keep it looking fresh. 

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes – they can also be a fun way to integrate a new material into your space, such as warm timber or marble for a touch of luxe. Choosing a coffee table with draws will allow you to keep remote controls neatly tucked away and quickly hide any mess when unexpected guests arrive.  

The only thing left to do? Sit back and relax!