How to transform your bathroom into a super luxe self-care haven

Nov 26, 2021 Style & Design

Bring that resort spa feeling into your bathroom with some simple accessories and clever styling tips.

Practicing a little self-care can do wonders in helping you relax and unwind after a long working week. Bring that resort spa feeling home with some simple accessories and clever styling tricks that will have you spending more time in your bathroom and celebrating your daily rituals like never before.

First start with a blank canvas

Go back to basics by creating a blank canvas that will allow you to see the space that you have to work with. Clear away any clutter and give your bathroom a deep clean, keeping your day-to-day products close at hand and occasional products neatly stored away. If organisation isn’t your forte, check out our top tips for giving your apartment a Marie Kondo makeover.

Collect functional accessories that add a touch of luxury

If you enjoy a long soak in the tub, a bath caddy is a must. It’s not only the perfect place to keep your candle, book and glass of wine, but opting for a timber finish will also add warmth to your space.

Another simple upgrade is to replace your dispensers with ones that match your bathroom finishes. Think marble with gold accents to add a touch of luxury – it’s also environmentally friendly to buy hand soap refills making for a win-win situation.

Whether you like it or not, your bath towels also act as décor in plain sight. For that hotel feel, opt for thick, oversized bath sheets in light colours – you’ll love hopping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a huge fluffy towel. Add a warm coloured bath rug for a pop of colour and an extra touch of cosiness under feet.

Our last addition is to add some tech to your bathroom. Dimmable lights go a long way to setting a relaxing mood, and a Bluetooth speaker playing your favourite wind-down playlist will finish off the space beautifully.

In a Caydon apartment you can even take things up a notch with our home automation packages, allowing you to control your lighting from any room (including your bathtub!)

Style your shelves with your favourite pieces

With all the clutter cleared away, some shelf styling will go a long way to finishing off your relaxation sanctuary.

Add functional but beautiful additions to your shelves – think candles, soaps, reed diffusers and some mini baskets for your favourite face masks or folded face washers.

Add some greenery for that finishing touch

Pick a few plants that thrive in high humidity to give your bathroom a lush, tropical resort feel. Snake plants, devils’ ivy, monsteras, orchids, ferns and fiddle leaf figs will all work well in your steamy bathroom. If you already have a few of these varieties at home, try your hand at propagating your plants to surround yourself with greenery – for free!

Our commitment to thoughtful design means you’ll always have ample storage in your bathroom and a beautiful blank canvas for you to add your personal finishing touches to your space.

Turning your bathroom into your own luxury retreat is simple with a Caydon apartment. View our range of available properties.

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