5 Indoor Plants That Will Love Apartment Living Just as Much as You

May 28, 2021 Style & Design

Hear from our friends at Pop Wilder on why low-maintenance greenery could be the perfect way to spruce up your apartment, with the added bonus of a better night’s sleep.

There are many reasons to love indoor plants. Not only do they help to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere within your home, but they can also increase productivity, improve your mood, reduce stress and even help you have a better night’s sleep.

We’ve called on an indoor plant expert, Mishka from Pop Wilder, to share her tips on how to care for plants in your apartment, along with selecting the most suitable varieties for your floorplan.

1. Monstera

Monsteras are a hugely popular choice for indoor plants, and we can see why. These plants feature beautiful heart-shaped leaves and can transform any apartment into a slice of jungle paradise. Whether you’re looking for a feature plant in your living room or a touch of tabletop greenery, monsteras make a bold statement basically anywhere you choose to place them.

Mishka recommends a light-filled spot for your monstera: They love a medium to bright spot and their big, lovely and dramatic leaves will rotate to face the sun.

2. Devil’s ivy

Devil’s ivy is a great option to spruce up a shelf or mantle in your apartment, as they feature trailing leaves that can be draped over the edge. Thriving in low to brightly lit areas, devil’s ivy is a great choice for almost any room in the home as it’s easy to care for and can be trained to travel along walls. They can even be propagated to make more plants to continue growing your houseplant family.

For an eye-catching look, plant your devil’s ivy in a suspended pot and hang it from a corner in your bathroom. Not only will it love the humidity from your shower, it’ll add a pop of colour to your bathroom, says Mishka.

3. Peace lily

Peace lilies are perfect indoor plants as they boast exceptional air purifying qualities. Talk about first-rate housemates.

The versatility of the peace lily makes them a delightful choice for an apartment. They come in a variety of leaf sizes and can be grand and magnificent, or smaller with lovely white flowers, so it’s really a plant for any setting, says Mishka.

But pet owners beware — peace lilies are not compatible with your pooch and we recommend steering clear of these plants should you have a furry friend living in your apartment.

4. Happy plant

As the name suggests, happy plants are very content in an apartment setting — or in any situation really. In fact, Mishka says that they’re one of the easiest plants to care for. These guys are the hardiest of plants and you’ve probably seen them all over — in your grandma’s house, in your office, even hanging out in the Pop Wilder store.

Happy plants are also a great choice for an entranceway as they’re generally narrow and tall with generous leaves and big tropical vibes. The perfect addition to your apartment.

5. Bird of paradise

If you’ve got a particularly sunny spot in your apartment, a bird of paradise may be the indoor plant you’ve been looking for. These plants love bright, light-filled areas and boast tall, elegant leaves with striking orange flowers for an eye-catching look.

Mishka recommends using them to anchor a space. If you’re looking for a taller plant to frame an area, a bird of paradise makes for an elegant statement plant, she says.

Because they thrive in sunlight, a bird of paradise is also perfect for adding life and vibrancy to your balcony or courtyard, she continued.

Mishka’s top tips for caring for your indoor plants

While all these plants are low maintenance and well-suited to apartment living, they will still require some care.

Mishka explains: As a general rule of thumb, give your indoor plants as much light as possible while keeping them away from direct sunlight. Check their watering needs weekly by feeling the soil down to an inch from the top — if it’s dry, give them a drink, if it’s still wet, check back next week.

Now that you’ve got your houseplants sorted, it’s time to choose the perfect home for your greenery. Browse our range of available apartments.

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