Master the Art of Downsizing

Mar 15, 2021

Downsizing has many benefits, get the most out of your move by checking out our top downsizing tips.

Downsizing has a great number of perks, and with a Caydon apartment it’s even easier with smart floorplans, clever storage, and premium shared spaces for you to enjoy. Whether you’re retired, an empty-nester or just want a low-maintenance lifestyle, apartment-living offers plenty of benefits that make downsizing a smart choice. Take a look at our top tips to scale down your living, giving you more time to live the good life.

Quality Over Quantity

A fresh start offers plenty of opportunities to embrace your inner interior designer. Make an impact in your new space by curating statement furniture, like your favourite dresser or vintage buffet, then combine them with more affordable pieces you can update more regularly.

– Giuditta De Santis, Director of Architecture and Design, says “For us, architecture and design aren’t just about creating plans for buildings. It’s the art of narrating spaces and dictating the blank canvas for you to fill with your individual experiences and memories.”

Save Energy

New apartments are energy efficient thanks to improved materials and planning, helping you reduce the amount of energy you need for everyday living. This can save you money on power bills, while also helping you to live greener.

Caydon apartments have a minimum energy rating of 6 stars, and also give you the option to upgrade to home automation — that can help you save more energy and money in the long term. With home automation, you can set the lights to turn off when you leave for the day, or turn on when you arrive home at night — ensuring you never come home to a dark apartment or leave the lights on when you’re not at home. You can also automate the aircon, so you’ll always arrive at a cool home, or wake up to natural light with automated blinds that rise just before you wake.

Mason Sq Rise Skyhome Kitchen


3 bedroom Skyhome kitchen in Moonee Ponds. 

High-life Living; Low Maintenance Lifestyle

Living in a Caydon apartment not only gives you access to amenities such as gyms, pools and gardens, you’ll enjoy low maintenance living too. This means that you’ll never have to remember to take the bins out, do the gardening, or mow the lawn. All of this is taken care of, giving you more freetime.

Choose a home with a longer settlement

With off-the-plan apartments, you’ll generally have a longer time between purchasing and settlement, meaning you’ll have more time to plan your downsizing strategy.
Use this time to research interior decorating ideas, buy furniture, or even sell your current home.

At our Rise apartments in Moonee Ponds, we’re currently offering six-month settlements on two and three-bedroom apartments if you need time to sell an existing property.

Store Smart

When downsizing, look for integrated storage spaces such as cupboards, shelving and niches. Many new apartment developments also have storage cages included, these are ideal for storing large and occasional use items like camping gear. As well as storage cages, many Caydon apartments also have bike storage for convenience and security.

So if you’re thinking about downsizing, consider what life could look like in a Caydon apartment. Search our apartments to start your downsizing journey.

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