Meet the Neighbours: Due North holds fur-friendly appeal for locals

May 28, 2021

Northsiders Maggie and Josh are looking forward to moving their family to Due North. We had a chat with the couple on what they are most looking forward to, and why they chose their apartment.

Thornbury couple Maggie and Josh have recently purchased a two bedroom apartment, and are looking forward to moving in with their young son Remy, 10-year-old cat Mina, and their one-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback Mastiff, Sasha.

We had a chat with Maggie on why Due North appeals to their lifestyle, and what they are looking forward to most when they move in.

You’re northside locals who run Think Thornbury just down the road, so you know the area well. What drew you to make the move to Due North?

We want to live in this area. Our business is here, our community is here. I had always walked past the site and knew it was there. We enquired the day after the project launched - I said ‘Josh, the apartments look really nice, it's a good developer, it's a 5% deposit. Let's just go and have a chat with them and see what they say.’ Ben was really helpful and showed us some great properties.

What do you love most about the location?

There are great restaurants, great cafes, the cinema is amazing, and the parks are really great. There's a real village vibe in this area. If you're kind and extend yourself to people, the village really welcomes you. Everyone is very invested in the community, the community spirit particularly showed itself throughout 2020.

What made you take the leap into homeownership?

It’s thanks to the First Home Owner's Grant and HomeBuilder that owning a property in this location became achievable. Living in an apartment building that's a minute walk from where we currently live and work is very convenient. Remy’s daycare is also just around the corner which was a big drawcard.

So why choose Due North over other developments?

The floor-to-ceiling windows were a big selling point for us. Having good natural light and a big balcony was something we really needed. We have a north-facing two bedroom apartment in the light scheme. I've worked in interior design previously, and both Josh and I really like the design of the apartments at Due North. We also love the pet friendly aspect of Due North. Pets are a big part of our life, we work at home so they are with us constantly. We’re looking forward to Mina and Sasha having the room to spread out more.

Located in the hive of Preston South, Due North offers striking design, large balconies, easy-care surfaces, and epic rooftop views — all just 20 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD.

Explore all of Due North’s apartments, or view all floorplans and prices, at

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