Reaching Caydon's Goals

Nov 05, 2018

We look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with Reach.

At the heart of Caydon’s corporate philosophy is the desire to create not just buildings, but communities where the wellbeing of residents and workers is paramount. It is a commitment that is evident in our environmental strategies, in the collaborative and responsible nature of our placemaking and in the integrity of our relationships.

It was a logical step for us to look for a partner organisation with similar values.

In 2017, Joe Russo, Caydon Principal, and his team conducted workshops, surveys and listened to staff and decided that The Reach Foundation, with its mission to create generations of confident, self-aware and passionate young people, was a perfect fit.

Reach, which was established in 1994 by AFL legend the late Jim Stynes, and film director Paul Currie, believes that every young person should have the support and self-belief they need to fulfil their potential and make their dreams for the future a reality.

Through programs designed and delivered by their young crew, Reach equips people between the ages of 10 and 18 with the tools and skills to better understand themselves and others. The programs operate in more than 500 metropolitan and regional schools and communities.

The synergies between us and Reach are deeply embedded into each of our cultures, says Mr Russo. Caydon and Reach are committed to investing in young people and often see hidden potential before others do.

“We are both youthful businesses that pride ourselves on creating safe and secure environments to learn, work (and play). We care about creating communities where health and wellbeing are important, and so too does Reach

In April 2018, Caydon and Reach partnered in a contemporary local and international art festival entitled Untold with the aim of raising $1 million. The immersive experience with works by 25 local and international artists flourished under Cremorne’s iconic Nylex clock and attracted 10,000 people over nine days.

Reach chief executive Chris Naish said the festival would ensure the charity’s future in a competitive charitable environment in Melbourne. It’s all helping make Reach more prominent and appealing to young people, he said.

The Reach foundation is just so grateful for ... all these international and local artists coming out.

Writing about the event in Marketing, Karen Monaghan, client development director at Neonormal, the brand agency that worked on the event, had this to say:

Untold is an unequivocal example of the power of partnerships.

“The power to build credibility, community, engagement, reposition and reinforcement of values and appeal, all the while leading to real business value for the organisations involved.

“As the doors close on Untold, the story won’t end here. As the Reach team return to their home, freshly painted by UK artist Ben Eine, they will be reminded of the power of collaboration, of the generosity of a property developer, a curator who gave it everything, 26 artists who donated their time, energy and passion and an agency that brought the experience to life for nearly 10,000 Melbournites.

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