The slow living movement: What is it, and how can you adopt this living style?

Sep 01, 2021

In this day and age, many of us are busy living fast-paced lives while struggling to find a sense of balance. The slow living movement encourages a cultural shift towards slowing down life's pace, while taking the time to enjoy the little things.

The phrase slow living might sound like an unrealistic term to those of us with demanding lifestyles. The movement, however, is not something aimed at making you less productive — nor is it the opposite of ‘fast’ living.

The concept of slow living is all about finding a sense of balance within your everyday life. It’s an active refusal to privilege your work life over other parts of your lifestyle, such as spending quality time with friends and family, practising gratitude and prioritising self-care.

The term slow living originated in Italy in the 1980s as a protest towards the production of fast food. The movement was tasked with helping people to appreciate the pleasures of locally sourced produce, the time that went into making superior quality meals and the culture associated with enjoying food with loved ones.

Building upon this definition, we can relate the slow living movement to more than just slow food. Slow living is to break down segments of your lifestyle into valuable tasks — encouraging you to find enjoyment in your daily routines and rituals.

So, how does slow living fit in with our fast-paced lives?

Slow living becomes inherently effortless when you live in a locale that’s abundant with lush greenery and tranquil landscapes. Situated next to the Yarra River and just 6.5km North-East of Melbourne’s CBD, HOME By Caydon is extremely well connected to local services and convenient amenity. The shorter daily commute and proximity to the everyday essentials means you’ll have more time for what’s truly important: you.

With the need for a rich social life emphasised in slow living, quality time with friends, family, colleagues and community is important. HOME By Caydon provides an impressive mix of shared spaces for you to host get-togethers with your nearest and dearest in both comfort and style. Caydon HQ also encourages meaningful community connections, allowing you to connect through the app and find like-minded people who live right next door.

Going back to its origins, the slow living movement encourages you to find a greater sense of enjoyment from the practice of cooking and the simple pleasure of enjoying a home cooked meal. HOME By Caydon offers expansive balcony spaces where you can cultivate your own personal herb and vegetable garden, along with chef-kitchens that invite you to create without limits.

If cooking isn’t your thing, that’s ok too — simply opt for takeaway from the selection of local venues around Alphington and surrounds and enjoy a culinary feast in the comfort of home.

Prioritise mindfulness and meditation

Healthy living and the wellness movement also go hand in hand with slow living. There’s plenty of spaces to relax and unwind close to nature at HOME By Caydon that invite you to practice meditation and mindfulness throughout your day.

Master the art of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength training in the Pilates Pavilion, or promote your mental and physical wellbeing with movement, meditation and breathing on the Yoga Lawn. Whatever your preference, these shared spaces encourage you to let go of the stress from the day and recharge your batteries.

Ready to call Alphington home? Search available properties at HOME By Caydon.

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