Storage Solutions for Apartment Living

Jan 17, 2020

Storage solutions need to find the right balance between functionality and good design principles. Caydon's Architecture and Design team explain.

As more people choose the advantages of an inner-city lifestyle, in the form of apartment living, space has become an increasingly important topic of conversation.

Making the most of all available space — whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom — without compromising on design or quality is integral to living your best clutter-free life.

At Caydon, our Architecture and Design team keep a close eye on the latest trends, ensuring our project’s offer optimal storage capabilities, so you can focus on the more important things — like your lifestyle.

Architecture, design and storage. Can they co-exist in an apartment?

It’s worth noting that smart storage solutions need to find the right balance between functionality and good architecture and interior design principles

Caydon Architecture and Design Manager, Giuditta De Santis, says meaningfully integrating specific storage space, for a specific purpose, is a good place to start.

In apartment design, you should think about the overall space and its functionality, including how the end-user will move into it. Try to design zones for kitchen, dining and living areas, while eliminating wasted space like corridors, wherever possible.

Obviously, functionality is key, however, it’s also important to consider the look and feel of a space. Caydon Interior Design Manager, Dimitris Stefanidis, adds that a room with a streamlined design and clean lines will offer minimal clutter and maximum space.

It’s essential to deliver versatile and diverse storage solutions, says Dimitris. When we designed HOME by Caydon for example, we aimed to hide most of the storage within wall cavities and nooks.

Dimitris recommends introducing a range of materials to add more visual appealing storage solutions. This can be seen in HOME, where metal open shelves within the bookshelf unit were added to create visual interest and space.

So, it’s clear that storage can be aesthetically pleasing, but how can it enhance your living experience?

Every room, and its storage requirements, are different therefore the potential impact of that storage will also differ from room to room.

For example, a bathroom may include a linen cupboard, vanity storage and face-height storage behind a mirror; while in the kitchen, open shelving is a functional addition serving as a multipurpose storage area.

In a kitchen, we often draw upon central double-sided cabinets that serve various functions and add variety to a space. The kitchen side might house an oven and pantry, with inner drawers and large cabinetry for appliances and other potential clutter, says Dimitris.

The other side then serves the living area and could include a cupboard and open shelving unit, which can be used as a library or place for in and out items like keys and wallets.

Multipurpose furniture is also key in a smaller living space. For example, a convertible sofa that doubles as a bed is a great way to transform your living room into a spare bedroom.

Other furniture, like an ottoman, that can serve as both a seat and a coffee table, or a dining table that can be used as a work desk are also useful. Smart storage solutions that double as seating can be a great way to integrate even more stylish storage into a space, Giuditta explains.

Another storage tip?

Put shelves everywhere. Shelves are the secret weapon in your personal storage war, says Giuditta. Cleverly organised shelving will not only aid in sorting clutter, a stylish feature shelf can also add impressive visual appeal to your home.

Obviously, this approach won’t work for all your possessions, particularly the larger items. For example, you often won’t be able to fit excessively large belongings or equipment on a living room shelf. In this case, we love using storage cages over more ‘traditional’ solutions that come with a house.

Larger sport or leisure-related items like bicycles can be stored in a more convenient location on the ground floor, making these bulkier items securely stored and accessible until the need to access them arises, Giuditta explains.

What does storage look like in the future?

Of course, new and innovative storage solutions are always emerging. One trend that we’re particularly fond of is hanging things on the wall. You’ll be amazed by how much space you can save and, with the right creative eye, how good this can look — you could even hang your bike on the wall, Giuditta says.

Another emerging storage solution is the Tech Drawer, featured in the open-plan kitchen and living area in the Terrace Homes and Skyhomes at HOME By Caydon. The drawer acts as a recharge station for all electronic devices including phones and tablets, while they’re cleverly hidden away.

Storage is a constantly changing consideration, particularly when it comes to inner-city apartment living, where every inch of space counts.

Some parting words from Giuditta and Dimitris: Clutter is your biggest enemy when it comes to organising space in a small apartment. A messy room will look more cramped, while a neat one will appear larger than it is.

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