The Future’s Bright – Celebrating Australian Architecture

Sep 25, 2017

In a celebration of Australian architecture, Caydon hosted and took part in the judging panel for the first episode of Australia by Design.

Architecture is important because it’s part of our lives. It’s part of our city. It forms our environment.

- Giuditta De Santis, Design & Documentation Manager, Caydon Property Group.

In a celebration of Australian architecture, Caydon hosted and took part in the judging panel for the first episode of Australia by Design. The first episode counted down Victoria’s top 10 architectural statements of the year judged by industry leaders from design, construction and architectural backgrounds.

Caydon’s Giuditta De Santis took part as one the senior judges representing Victoria, and it’s easy to understand why Caydon was thrilled to be involved. Every apartment is designed by Caydon to create a connection with the surrounding environment and to have an enduring, beneficial impact on Melbourne’s architectural future. It’s a vision we shared with all the judges of Australia by Design.

Australia by Design takes a different look at the related roles architecture, design and buildings play on the people who inhabit them and the surrounding environment. With 80 projects across Australia being featured over the series, it’s an opportunity for those with a love of architecture and beautiful buildings to experience some of the finest architectural examples that Australian architects are producing.

It’s about architect-designed homes presented by architects but with industry leaders who are there to judge them and to rank them. Australia By Design’s host, Registrar of the New South Wales Architect Registration Board, Tim Horton.

As Mies Van De Rohe said, it’s all in the detail, and the finer design details can have a lasting influence on the people the use and inhabit a space. This is something Caydon’s in-house design team strives for when they create a space — remarkable and unique interiors that aren’t just something people live in but something they experience.

The projects showcase how great design is shaping the urban and rural landscapes of Victoria. And they crossed a broad spectrum of architectural examples. From a home that’s designed to last a century, a bar pulls its inspiration from the surrounding buildings complementing the enclosing streetscape to a bridge that seamlessly ‘stitches’ itself between a piece of Melbourne’s history as a functional piece of infrastructure.

The value really comes from the different perspectives that come to bear. It’s not all about architectural discipline. It’s also about how projects work. How they look and how it makes people feel, says Ken Slattery, one of the head judges.

Each project is a look at the inner workings behind the design decisions made by architects, and the impacts these choices have the overall usability of a building. Not just in the larger public spaces but also in homes and apartments that while built for living, are also built to inspire.

With a growing population, the design and planning of Australia’s buildings will shape our surroundings for future generations. Melbourne’s population alone is increasing at an average rate of 1,760 people per week, therefore it’s important that thoughtful design is taken into consideration with every building.

The buildings and homes featured in the Victorian countdown focus on implementing designs that match modern style with heritage features, while maximising a space through intuitive features and use of natural light.

This is an important focus at Caydon, We always pay special attention to light, style and comfort and ensure our designs offer innovative solutions to the issues of storage and space. says Giuditta De Santis. Every Caydon apartment is designed for the way people like to live today.

Australia by Design is a refreshing look at how a building’s concept and ultimate completion not only impacts those who use it every day but also the communities and businesses that surround it.

Architecture is a crucial factor as to how an area, city or town is shaped and perceived both locally and overseas. With Melbourne being voted as the most liveable city in the world seven years in a row, Victorian architects, designers and developers have an important legacy to leave behind.

Every Caydon project is carefully considered. Locations are selected to offer the very best in everyday experiences to those living there. At the same time, Caydon recognises that a building has a legacy. And it’s these fine details that can make all the difference in how a building’s legacy is perceived.

Caydon is all about celebrating the finer details. And it was a love of details that lead Giuditta to connect with house number two in the Victorian countdown; The Equestrian Centre Merricks, by Watsons Architects + Design.

The detailing is so precise, and the combination of the materials, the timber, the zinc proofing, the concrete wall. They’re just phenomenal.

The building itself turns the original perception of what an agricultural building should be on its head. As Tim Horton explains, When we think about agricultural buildings, we think about simple robust structures where they don’t care too much about the fine detail. This project has an attention to detail that you would normally find in a home or gallery.

That’s what good design is all about and it’s what our team members strive for in every building Caydon creates. Bringing every element together to create a building that’s here to be something more than just a building.

In Australia, it’s about time that we really looked at great architecture and celebrate those buildings that will be here to influence us not only today and but into the future.

Watch the full episode below:

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