What's Happening to the Nylex Clock?

Feb 18, 2020 Lifestyle

We're not just going to preserve the clock, our plan is to restore it to its former glory, so it can once again tell the time.

Our plan for a Melbourne icon

For almost 60 years the Nylex sign has sat high above Cremorne’s malting district. A landmark to generations of Melburnians, the malting silos and Nylex Clock have cut a distinctive silhouette on the city's skyline.

As a Melbourne born and bred company, we are incredibly passionate about the Nylex clock and recognise its importance to the broader Melbourne community, which is why we won’t just preserve the clock for future generations, but also restore it to its former glory, so it can once again tell the time.

Breathing new life into this iconic site, The Malt District will combine heritage architecture with the latest in urban design and innovation to become a destination and hive of activity from morning to night.

Respectfully preserving the site’s historic buildings, The Malt District will seamlessly combine contemporary apartments alongside boutique retail, hospitality and creative office spaces. The Nylex sign, and the silos it sits on, will remain a landmark within the neighbourhood.

First erected in 1961, the sign has turned on and off throughout the years. After officially being turned off in 2007, several attempts have been made to restore the sign. On February 18, 2020 Caydon officially turned the Nylex sign back on for 24 hours as our team assessed which parts of the sign remained functional, while also giving Melbourne a taste of what’s to come following the restoration.

The same company who managed the sign for 30 years prior to it being switched off will oversee the restoration with a refurbishment and preservation plan. The Nylex sign will be transported off-site for restoration works while construction on the broader Malt District precinct is underway.

Once construction on this area is complete, approximately a 2-year task, the sign will return to the same place above the silos, although some 15m higher so it remains visible across Cremorne and Richmond.

We understand both the historic and symbolic importance of this cultural beacon and consider its reinstatement and restoration a key success factor for The Malt District, and the broader Melbourne community. Our vision will not be complete until the Nylex Clock once again takes its rightful place, watching over and keeping time on Cremorne’s continual growth.

We look forward to the first chilly winter morning where the clock on the silos will once again say it’s eleven degrees.

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