Construction Update - September 2021

Sep 23, 2021

The team is busy constructing your new home. See the completed, new and upcoming milestones for the month.

We are excited to announce that construction firm Ironside has been appointed as our official builder. Ironside has served as previous partners, and we’re pleased to be working again with a company that enjoys such an impressive track record.

With our builder now appointed, we can commence the next stage in construction. Civil and piling works are already underway, with large piling rigs on site as we excavate the soil across the next few months. Our next milestone will be to excavate to the bottom of basement three, then we will begin to work our way up.

You may also notice that the hoarding has been removed. This will be down temporarily so that our team can have access to dig down into the basement. It’s a great time to have a look if you’re in the neighbourhood.