Construction Update - November 2021

Nov 19, 2021

The team is busy constructing your new home. See the completed, new and upcoming milestones for the month.

HOME continues to take shape, with level 12 now complete - and work commencing on level 13.

Services including mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, and fire are now installed across level five, with fire services completed on level seven.

The facade has been finalised on the podium level, with the curtain wall currently being constructed on level four. The partition setout on level four has also been completed, with framing and sheeting begun on level three.

In the month ahead, facade work will continue across levels 13 and 14 - with the facade glass to be installed on level six. Services are scheduled to be installed on the podium level, with services on levels four and five to begin work shortly. Work on the partition fit out on level five will continue, with the speed panel and block work to be completed on level seven.