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A career with Caydon is about more than just property development or our apartments, it’s about becoming intricately involved in the design of our cities. Whether in Melbourne or cities across the US, our goal is the same – to introduce the world to our unique perspective on design-led living. We’d love you to be part of the team.

Current Openings

  • Construction Manager

    Posted 6 May 2019


    Caydon is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Construction Manager to oversee and manage third-party general contractors. This role will report directly to the project’s USA based Development Manager while working closely with the remainder of the Development team. The Construction Manager will be responsible for the oversight, management, and reporting of third-party general contractors selected to build Caydon’s developments. The Construction Manager will act on the Owner’s behalf as the primary contact for general contractors, subcontractors, and all other construction related stakeholders involved with the project. The Construction Manager will be responsible for the management of the various designers during the construction administration phase.



    The role will be based in Houston, Texas with very little travel required.






    Experienced and aggressive in protecting the Owner’s interests throughout the construction process

    Highly organized, very detail-oriented, and analytical

    Direct approach to communications with stakeholders; internal and external

    Creative with solutions to construction related problems

    Having personal experience enough to avoid construction problems



    Project Management

    Represent Caydon as the owner’s agent in all construction related activities, meetings, municipal interactions, permitting concepts, etc.

    Manage a general contractor, other directly contracted vendors and consultants, and all other associated entities with interest in the construction, inspection, occupancy, etc. of Caydon’s developments.

    Lead and facilitate all facets of construction management (risk, budget, schedule, billings, procurement, quality, occupancy, turnover, & closeout) for individual construction projects.

    Create, update, maintain, and file meeting agendas and meeting minutes to document all construction concepts/activities/meetings/site visits, etc.

    Create, edit, distribute, and file written project reports every other week to document construction progress, billings, schedules, quality, Owner concerns, etc.

    Lead project delivery resources/team providing project guidance and direction to achieve project goals.

    Implement, maintain, and manage effective communication plan for all parties involved in the construction of a project.

    Advocate on behalf of the Owner during disputes, disagreements, modifications, Change Orders, permitting issues, inspections, requests for information, submittals, substitutions, etc.

    Analyze, investigate and recommend on any requested extensions of time or scope modifications of project stakeholders against the executed agreements.

    RFP / Contracting

    Lead, manage, and recommend throughout the builder selection process through RFQ and RFP processes.

    Understand and analyze builder provided RFQ and RFP documents.

    Demonstrate capability to read, understand and apply standard to moderately complex documents affecting construction projects, including but not limited to: agreements/contracts, leases, work letters, surveys, construction drawings, lease agreements, Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) agreements, etc.


    Good knowledge of; and experience with, all methods of general construction procurement, long lead equipment procurement, purchasing negotiations, supply chain analysis, etc.

    Create, maintain, and report against various procurement logs, tracking mechanisms, etc.

    Understand, analyze and recommend on the builder’s buyout status, progress, accuracy, inherent risks, etc.

    Analyze, investigate and recommend on the final adjusted contract value of builder post-buyout completion.


    Create, maintain, report against, and justify all CPM development schedules, turnover schedules, opening schedules, etc. as needed for the completion of construction.

    Capable of conducting a backward pass analysis of construction schedules to fully analyze the achievability, missing logic and missing activities in the general contractor’s schedule.

    Analyze, track and effectively manage critical milestone activities to avoid schedule slip, including but not limited to:  mockup completion, mockup punch list, pre-rock box walks, insulation installation, coverup requirements, finishes installation, etc.

    Create reports to inform Owner, lenders, and other parties of construction progress.

    Maintain a master schedule of the project throughout the construction process which should include coordination with external parties such as Authorities Having Jurisdiction, Government Agencies, Owner’s requirements, final purchasers, etc.


    Financial / Billing

    Review, validate, and audit cost estimates prepared by contractors, subcontractors, and others in a timely manner.

    Track potential cost exposures on the project and report monthly, including but not limited to:  drawings changes, scope changes, field coordination, substitutions, buyout, etc.

    Review request for payment by the GC/CM and Owner vendors and be able to analyze trends related to cost, schedule, etc. included in such requests for payment.

    Oversee and manage the monthly construction billing activities, including but not limited to: verification of completeness, verification of work-in-place, interaction with lender’s inspectors, analysis of general contractor and subcontractor billings, retention releases, lien releases, on-site stored materials, off-site stored materials, etc.

    Enforcement of Owner’s billing guidelines as these relate to the construction process.

    Submittals / RFIs / ASIs

    Receive, investigate, analyze and recommend on the builder’s proposed substitutions and all potential impacts to the Owner.

    Monitor and participate in the RFI & ASI processes to ensure Owner’s best interests are being achieved.

    Monitor and ensure RFIs and ASIs with associated cost impact (+ or -) are properly identified, mitigated, managed, and installed.

    Drawing Analysis

    Highly capable of analyzing architectural documents to identify conflicts, incompleteness, inconsistencies, deficient construction detailing, potential long-term warranty issues, constructability issues, lessons learned, etc.

    Capable of identifying inefficiencies of drawings. (ie. structural design, column locations, foundations, architectural systems, architectural detailing, etc.)

    Early identification of information that is lacking in construction documents causing incomplete drawings, details, layouts, systems, etc. 

    Punchlist / Turnover

    Create, manage and facilitate the turnover and acceptance of multiple units with the development, which include, but are not limited to: residential units, retail/commercial areas, back-of-house/maintenance areas, clubhouses, parking garages, etc.

    Act as the Owner’s agent and oversee all necessary inspections being conducted by project team members related to: materials testing, deficiencies, completion verification, TCO, CO, equipment start-up, equipment turn-over, warranty inspections, etc.

    Facilitate interactions between sales staff and general contractor necessary for all inspections, turnovers, etc.

    Create Owner’s punchlists, conduct “first walks” and “back walks”, inspect builder’s completeness of punchlists, etc. for all areas to ensure proper punchlist and turnover processes.

    Startup / Closeout / Warranty

    Document and ensure compliance with specified startup, closeout and warranty documents, procedures, etc.

    Obtain, document, and file all necessary warranty information including, but not limited to, the following: warranty certificates, startup inspection verification, manufacturer inspection certificates, etc.



    Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or a related field.



    8+ years of on-site construction experience

    Experience managing $100M+ construction projects

    Experience working on high-rise projects, preferably high-density residential use

    Previous experience working for a GC/CM

    Previous experience working for an Owner



    Competitive base salary with bonus program

    Health, Vision, & Dental benefits

    Paid Time Off

    401K program w/ company match

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  • Contract Administrator

    Posted 6 May 2019


    Caydon is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Contract Administrator to manage the processing, tracking and administration of contracts for the Company’s US projects, primarily focused on design, construction and marketing contracts. This role will report directly to the Company’s US General Counsel while working closely with the Caydon USA Development team.



    The role will be based in Houston, Texas with very little travel required.






    Highly organized, detail-oriented, and analytical

    Direct approach to communications with stakeholders, both internal and external

    Ability to manage a fluid workflow and juggle multiple tasks

    Knowledgeable about contracts terms and provisions

    Able to represent/defend company’s interests throughout the contract process



    Draft contracts based upon Caydon document templates and details supplied by Caydon team members

    Respond to initial comments from other parties, assist with negotiations, and escalate issues internally where appropriate and in line with Caydon contract process

    Shepherd contracts through negotiation to completion, making sure appropriate Caydon stakeholders weigh in on matters prior to completion

    Follow-up with non-Caydon parties on draft responses and keep contracts progressing in a timely manner to execution

    Update/maintain Caydon contract tracking system for all contracts in negotiation process

    Obtain fully-executed copies of contracts and file in appropriate locations

    Maintain and ensure consistency with Caydon contract processes and policies

    Track and obtain insurance certificates and renewals from contracted parties

    Facilitate contract amendments and take on other tasks as needed


    Bachelor’s degree required. Paralegal training or certificate preferred.



    3+ years contract administration experience

    Familiarity with contract terms for residential and mixed-use real estate developments

    Experienced in processing contracts relating to Design, Construction and Marketing of residential and mixed-use real estate developments

    Experience working with project teams of various backgrounds



    Competitive base salary with bonus program

    Health, Vision, & Dental benefits

    Paid Time Off

    401K program w/ company match

    Employee housing discount in company properties

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  • FF&E Coordinator

    Posted 6 May 2019


    Caydon is seeking a highly motivated and experienced FF&E Coordinator to facilitate the selection and sourcing of Caydon’s finishes, fixtures, furniture, appliances, and equipment. This role will report directly to the USA Chief Operations Officer while working closely with Caydon’s Director of Architecture and Design in Australia and the USA based Development team. The FF&E Coordinator will be responsible for: 1) Interpreting finish selections and design intent from Australia, 2) Sourcing similar materials and finishes from sources within the United States, 3) Coordinating with third-party USA architectural firms to ensure proper documentation within construction drawings, 4) Coordinating and managing furniture selections, ordering, installation, etc., and 5) Documenting all information, housing control samples, and managing related samples/information/etc.


    The role will be based in Houston, Texas with limited travel requirements.




    -          Flexible and willing to learn Caydon’s desired design concepts

    -          Open-minded and able to communicate expectations

    -          Able to adjust to changing designs while keeping the focus on Caydon’s design ethos

    -          Dedicated to evolving and improving Caydon’s designs, selections, materials, etc.


    -          Source, collect, organize, maintain and manage all physical samples within a “Sample Room” located within the corporate office.

    -          Create, populate, maintain, and manage spreadsheets and databases cataloging finishes, fixtures, furniture, and equipment on all projects.

    -          Prepare and present information to internal and external stakeholders regarding the identification, selection, pricing, and purchasing of finishes, fixtures, furniture, and equipment.

    -          Assist, support, and coordinate with internal architecture team and external 3rd party architecture teams

    -          Discover, maintain, and manage profitable relationships with suppliers, vendors, etc. to initiate procurement partnerships.

    -          Create, maintain, and manage relationships with suppliers, vendors, etc. to ensure sample room and library is stocked with the latest and most up to date materials and selections.

    -          Create, maintain, and manage relationships with suppliers, vendors, etc. to ensure awareness with the latest changes to products, materials, availability, etc.

    -          Facilitate and manage the internal review and approval process to support the design process of 3rd party designers

    -          Coordinate, track, oversee, review, and approve finishes, fixtures, furniture, and equipment specifications for interior amenity areas, common spaces, unit interiors, etc.

    -          Assist in submittal, RFI, ASI, etc. review and comment during the construction process

    -          Research and assist with identifying emerging trends in finishes, fixtures, furniture, and equipment

    -          Create, maintain, and manage all documentation related to the finishes, fixtures, and equipment of all Caydon’s developments and the process to select and install.


    -          Possess a team-player mentality that can adjust within a fluid and dynamic work environment

    -          Receive instructions, create a work plan, execute requirements, and meet deadlines without constant oversight

    -          Manage interactions with multiple internal stakeholders related to a single project

    -          Prioritize multiple activities in a manner to best meet company expectations/goals

    -          Work flexible hours and coordinate with multiple time zones without constant oversight

    -          Embrace change and iterative innovation on all projects, activities, etc.

    -          Excellent organizational skills

    -          Proficient in MS Office suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.)

    -          Acute attention to detail, accuracy, and ability to self-scrutinize


    -          Bachelor of Architecture or Interior Design from an accredited university


    -          3+ years experience in multifamily and/or condo finish, fixture, furniture and equipment design, selection, and procurement.


    -          Competitive base salary

    -          Employee Incentive / Bonus program

    -          Employer subsidized Medical, Vision, and Dental benefits

    -          401K Program w/ employer match

    -          Paid time off

    -          Flexible work schedules

    -          Employee discount on apartments

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