Corporate social responsibility

Our developments will have a place in the community for generations to come but that is not enough. At the heart of our philosophy is a desire to enhance the places in which we build and we collaborate with communities to help inspire and shape a future of health, happiness, wellbeing and environmental excellence.

Joe Russo and Relly

Caydon Principal Joe Russo and Relly (Instragram @rellyman) at Untold Melbourne 2018 for The Reach Foundation.

Youthful partnership offers lasting benefits

Caydon and The Reach Foundation, which is dedicated to creating self-aware, passionate and confident young people, are now partners. Synergies between the two are embedded in their cultures and both are youthful organisations concerned about creating places where healthy, happy people can reach their full potential.

Women in investment and executive roles

In an industry dominated by men, Caydon has broken the mold with several women in senior management roles and more than 50 per cent female staff overall. We also support our female buyers with Your Future Self, an event by women, for women, that takes the mystery out of buying property and gives them the confidence to invest in a market that can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Global by design

Caydon staff come from all corners of the globe, bringing experience from Australia, Europe, America, Asia and India. We’re proud of our international crew and have created a multicultural committee to celebrate national days, share stories and recipes, and recognise everyone’s heritage.

Creating places with a heartbeat

Every Caydon development connects strongly with its surroundings and is an expression of placemaking as much as a piece of architecture. Our vision is to make a positive impact on the people who live and work in the development and the community around it. Heritage, history and neighborhood character are respected and celebrated. Caydon works with community groups and stakeholders to ensure that we complement the neighborhood and enhance the lives of its residents.

Building for a sustainable future

At the core of Caydon’s building philosophy are sustainable design principles that ensure developments are environmentally healthy during the build and into the future. Materials are chosen for their sustainable properties, buildings are sited to take advantage of passive design principles, water and energy savings are maximised and Green Energy is incorporated into each development.

Development of wellbeing

Caydon’s buildings are designed to provide residents with the highest quality of life. Feng shui principles promote overall harmony and positive energy. Natural light and fresh air are priorities in the design, and residents are protected by the latest security technology. Indoor and outdoor exercise zones and pools, gyms and yoga rooms in many of our developments encourage personal fitness. Small pets are welcome in our developments for the health benefits they bring.