Terms and Conditions

Information and images on this website are indicative only and should not be relied on as a basis for any decision you make concerning any featured property. All details subject to change without notice.

^ Price Correct

Price correct as of publishing date.

¤ Deposit Information

Deposit refers to deposit paid to vendor to secure your property prior to settlement. Lenders may have additional deposit requirements.

Settlement Date

All dates are estimates only and are subject to change.

* Low Deposit Offer and Full Deposit Structure

3% deposit on studios and 1 bedrooms, 5% deposit on two bedrooms, and 10% deposit on three bedrooms is based upon the following deposit structure:

Pre-construction and Early Construction Purchases

Due at contract signing Due 12 months after contract signing
3% for any home $599,000 or less 2% for total 5%
5% for any home over $600,000 5% for total 10%
10% for any home over $1M
10% mandatory for investment sales (86 investment permits allows 45%)
0% for any foreign buyer

Purchases after topping out

10% on all contracts

If financing, please consult your lender to confirm total down payment at closing. The above total earnest money is only either 5% or 10%; many lenders require 20% down payment.