The Caydon experience 

Caydon is committed to engaging with our customers throughout their entire journey.

Here are some of the key moments on your journey

Helping you find your perfect home

Caydon supports customers during every step they take towards finding their ideal home. Our sales and leasing teams deal with them directly, from the first conversation about what they are looking for to the day we hand over the keys. Together we find the perfect unit to suit their budget and lifestyle.

First class sales centers

Our state of the art sales centers feature exact replicas of full-size kitchens and bathrooms. Customers are invited to feel the fixtures and fittings, slide out the drawers, open the cupboards, sit in the (empty) bath and imagine life in one of our projects.

My Caydon. Your personal guide

My Caydon is a helpful online portal that guides customers step-by-step through the purchase journey. It’s an exclusive world-first portal Caydon have developed. It gives customers the opportunity to create an account and view information on specific projects, book appointments with the sales team online and once purchased, houses all the relevant documentation and regular construction updates through to completion.

Information evening

We host information evenings prior to the completion of a condominium project to share the latest news with buyers and introduce them to their HOA, suppliers and new neighbors. This evening helps ensure a timely and seamless closing and equips buyers for their big moving day.

Get ready for closing

As the closing period approaches, we work alongside buyers to get everything ready for move-in day. As we get closer to handover, we take them through a pre-closing inspection where we walk them through the unit and answer any queries or concerns.

The handover

The big day has arrived. We take the time to provide buyers an in-depth handover so they know all the ins and outs of their building and unit. Of course, moving day isn’t the end of their experience with Caydon. We are committed to engaging with our customers throughout their entire journey. To achieve this, we have designed and developed an exclusive online portal.