Connected Communities

Nov 05, 2019

We pride ourselves on building spaces that connect people to their immediate surroundings, city and culture.

The connection between people and the places they share is central to our placemaking philosophy. We pride ourselves on building spaces that connect people to their immediate surroundings, city and culture. We understand how people live, work, play, and travel. We design our spaces to work, so people can live their lives, effortlessly.

In every city, we select the best locations for our buildings, close to everything you want and need. A Caydon home will always be near public transport and employment hubs and within walking distance of cafes, restaurants, shopping and parks.

Our developments complement and celebrate existing heritage, history and neighborhood character. We design places, rather than just a building, complete with high-end amenities for relaxation and enjoyment. Often you’ll find your new daily caffeine hit or favorite store on the ground floor.

Great connectivity

Feeling connected to others is essential for positive living. Our developments include cafes and boutiques where residents and the local community can meet and relax. We put inspirational shared spaces at the heart of every destination too. Working closely with award-winning landscape architects and placemaking specialists allows us to seamlessly integrate gardens, dog-friendly parks and multi-use environments into everyday life. And if you want to know what’s going in your building, we’ve developed our Caydon HQ app (on Apple's App Store and Google Play Store) for help residents to connect with neighbors at movie nights, fitness sessions or other social and inclusive events.

Hello, Neighbor

We’re committed to supporting you throughout your entire Caydon experience, from finding the perfect property to moving in, but it doesn’t end there.  Once you move in, attend Meet Your Neighbor events so you can get to know the people around you, so if you’re new to the area you’ll quickly discover the best places to eat, shop and relax. Along with regular emails and invitations to events, we help keep residents connected before, during and after moving in.

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