Caydon's groundbreaking collaboration with Amazon

Jun 22, 2018

Once in the realms of science-fiction, having a digital assistant is now a reality for our Mason Sq apartment owners.

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Amazon to bring the popular Alexa cloud-based voice service to our Mason Sq apartments in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne.

In fact, Caydon will provide the top of the range Amazon Echo Plus in each of the 1205 apartments in the Hall St and Margaret St buildings in the Mason Sq precinct. 2019 will see Caydon bring smart home automation to Houston at our Drewery Place apartments.

It’s exciting for Caydon to partner with Amazon on this initiative because it complements what we are doing to make voice control a pivotal part of the digital living experience that buyers are demanding and that we are incorporating into our existing and future developments, says Caydon Principal, Joe Russo.

Australians are embracing home automation in droves, which is why we have devoted significant resources into developing technology solutions to help our customers get the most from their apartments.

While you can take the Echo Plus smart device out of the box and start using it, our plan will be to offer a fully integrated experience between Alexa and our home automation packages.

In the future, rather than managing your connecting living experience through a host of various apps, we want to be able to integrate the full home automation experience into ‘Aaby’ which is our Resident Portal. Our aim is to make the consumer Home Automation experience, simple and easy for you.

Along with Caydon’s Customer and Resident online portals, the Echo Plus is part of the push to create useful online digital experiences and technology driven spaces for residents that enhance their lifestyles in an environment that changes and evolves constantly.

Imagine waking up in the morning with the ability to speak into your Amazon smart speaker and controlling your personal environment simply through voice. No getting out of bed, no need to control your blinds with your hands, speak and Alexa will deliver.

With a voice command your shower turns on at exactly the right warmth, your daily to-do list is read out and your little automated friend boils you a pot of steaming hot coffee.

If this reminds you of a scene out of a science-fiction film, you’re not wrong, even if physical robots aren’t quite there yet. What you’ve just experienced is the new top of the range Amazon Alexa Echo Plus that does everything you’ve just imagined and more.

Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant. It is much like Apple’s Siri, but instead of sitting in your smartphone or computer, Alexa resides across the voice product range of Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, and the Echo Spot. They all have a unique shape and colour to blend in seamlessly with your living space.

Alexa has the capability to control various tasks and much like a human can upgrade those abilities to do more and more intricate tasks as it evolves over time. Alexa has the power to transform your life, or at the very least, streamline it.

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