Investing in art at Drewery Place

Jun 06, 2019

With the help of Houston’s art community, we’re bringing a creative edge to our first US project.

Drewery Place showcases original art by local Houston artists

With the help of Houston’s art community, we’re bringing a creative edge to our first US project.

Drewery Place in Midtown is part of the ground-breaking Laneways development that will encompass two and a half blocks between Main and Fannin Streets. The 27-level residential tower is the area’s first high-rise and features original local art throughout the building.

The project came to fruition with the help of Houston Arts Alliance. In its first commercial collaboration, HAA set up an open call for art which attracted over 130 submissions. A total of 28 artists were then selected to create 54 hallway artworks, one garage mural, and one large-scale hanging atrium sculpture.

The commission for the atrium's “wow piece” went to well-known Houston artist Adela Andea. Her work “Barrier Reef” is a massive sculpture of light and color that hangs from the lobby ceiling in playful, ethereal waves. At night, the piece comes to life with thousands of LED lights that bathe the surrounding area in a warm glow.

Drewery Place Lobby Sculpture by Adela Andea

Barrier Reef by Adela Andea

In the garage, residents are greeted with a triptych mural by Patricia Barrera.  The vivid work depicts native plants, birds, and butterflies and gives the space a comforting, homey vibe. In the hallways on each level hang paintings by the remaining artists; the range of styles and techniques a testament to the diversity of talent in the area.

Drewery Place Garage Artwork Flowers by Patricia Barrera

Heaven by Patricia Barrera

The response from residents has been incredibly positive with some even choosing their apartments based on their preference for the artwork on that level.

Their reaction is no surprise for our CEO, Joe Russo. “When we decided on Houston as our destination, we knew we wanted to incorporate a feeling of community art into our development. And with Midtown being the cultural art’s district in Houston we knew the people would appreciate it.”

The art community is fully on board as well. “The most important thing to the HAA is that corporate developers have more engagement with local artists,” said CEO John Abodeely. “Commissions also feed the local artist ecosystem so it’s a win all around.”

At Caydon, we’re always looking for new, more genuine ways to engage with the neighborhoods we build into. The opportunity to facilitate a greater role in supporting the arts is one we’re excited to continue into the future.

Read more about how developers and residents in Houston are embracing local artists and the other amenities attracting residents to Drewery Place or inquire to call Drewery Place home. 

Artists Showcased at Drewery Place


Artist: Adela Andea
Artwork: The Great Barrier Reef

Romanian-born sculptor Adela transforms indoor spaces into a full sensory experience. Her installations incorporate LED lights, 3D printed plastics, and even pool noodles into chaotic structures that manage to be both architectural and ethereal.


Artist: Patricia A. Barrera
Artwork: Haven

Originally from Mexico Patricia is a visual artist, muralist, designer, and printmaker. Her art integrates the beautiful, harmonious culture of her two home countries and explores emotions and experiences that are often not heard.

Level 2

Artist: Emilie Duval
Artworks: Format a Yellow Future. Format a Rose Future

Emilie Duval’s work is defined by her research and observations into the functionality of society. Her art translates economic, geopolitical, and financial algorithms into metaphoric visions of the structural balance of our societies.

Level 3

Artist: Suzanne E. Sellers
Artworks: Path to Busy. Empty Streets

Suzanne is a Houston-based muralist and artist. Her personal work utilizes a variety of mediums including acrylics, watercolor, and collage and focuses on finding composition by shifting, editing and juxtaposing key components of art.

Level 4

Artist: Kay Tasuji
Artworks: Consanguine #1 and #2.

The poetic landscapes of Kay’s meticulously detailed drawings are inspired by the cultural dynamics of her Middle Eastern heritage. She combines soft lines with strong, rich colors and intricate dots to form complex shapes that invite the audience in.

Artist: Jessica Rice
Artworks: Night Flock. Rooms

Described as deep, dreamy, and otherworldly Jessica’s style can be interpreted as blurring the line between fine and low-brow art. Using brushwork and aerosol, her pieces draw inspiration from pop-surrealism, nature, and her experiences as a woman.

Level 5

Artist: Verónica Ibargüengoitia
Artworks: Resilience. Unfolding

Veronica works in oil on canvas to create images of architectural spaces. Her paintings unfold in layers, which she imagines the viewer entering step by step, discovering pleasure in the conundrum behind each geometric form.

Artist: Jesse de Leon
Artworks: Future Lights. The Breaking Thru

Jesse is a muralist, street artist, and faux designer. Born and raised in Houston, his work varies from impressionistic to abstract and he describes his composition and use of materials as having the greatest influence on his creative process.

Level 6

Artist: Misha Penton
Artworks: Primordial Sky I and II.

Misha’s work has been shown throughout the Southeast Her expressionistic landscapes create space for the viewer to experience and share nature’s dynamic, ever-changing color worlds.

Artist: Monica Melgar
Artworks: Stopped in Color. Lapis Lazuli.

Monica is a self-taught artist raised in both the US and Mexico. She developed her distinctive technique from doodling, using layers of tiny brushstrokes to create artwork in a style she calls “pointillism with a twist”.

Level 7

Artist: Anat Ronen
Artworks: Party Time. Sisterhood

Anat’s work can be found on interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, and schools throughout the greater Houston area. A self-taught artist she uses simple house paint and brushes preferring the rawness of the medium.

Level 9

Artist: Laura Spector
Artworks: Be Someone. Space Laser.

Laura is a visual artist and art instructor. She started her career as a performance and video artist and has since gone on to produce music and theatre productions as well as curate exhibitions for professional artists and international students.

Level 10

Artist: Vivienne Dang
Artworks: Where It All Began. Where It All Ended.

As an artist and designer Vivienne likes to explore the world of symbolism and surrealism. She incorporates her fascination for human emotions into her concepts for each painting and has been exhibited both locally and internationally.

Level 11

Artist: Tra’ Slaughter
Artworks: Slayer. Grandpa’s Old Chevy

Tra’ is a Houston-based interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of mediums. Inspired by the exploration of different cultures, his art has been described as ‘expressive assemblage’ and combines non-traditional materials in unique ways.

Level 12

Artist: Verny Sanchez Mitchell
Artworks: Mutacioń de la materia Glifica N#3. Explosioń en la Mutacioń del glifo rojo N#5

Verny is a Venezuelan/Spanish/American artist whose creative practices include painting, installations, assemblages, drawing and sculpture. His work falls somewhere between abstract and representation and explores the real and the imagined.

Level 13

Artist: Janavi M Folmsbee
Artworks: Feather Duster in Ocho Caverns. Parrot’s Eye in Gold Reef

Indian-born artist Janavi is strongly influenced by marine life drawing her inspiration from the ocean. Her work captures various forms of the marine world through linear progressions, color, and a visual take on abstract and figurative painting.

Level 14

Artist: Cecilia Villanueva
Artworks: Map Site of Peck, Pennsylvania. Sand Canyon Pueblo, Colorado.

Cecilia’s art explores past and present architecture from early archaeological sites to ultra-modern buildings. Her characteristic blue palette gives off a clean, cool almost clinical vibe while wall-like textures evoke memories of blueprints and frescos.

Level 15

Artist: Rachel Gonzales
Artworks: Mother Moon Controls the Tides.  Everything Beautiful Was Born Out of Darkness.

Rachel has successfully fulfilled commissions for residential buildings, schools, churches, and private clients. Her current work embodies a careful integration of both the physical realm and the formless experience of being human.

Level 16

Artist: Joy Hilley
Artworks: Untitled 44. Interconnected 7

Chalk paint, acrylics, gold leaf and metallic paint all come together in Joy’s collection of artworks. She waxes each piece of art by hand, which not only protects it but adds a unique depth and quality to the work.

Level 17

Artist: Nicola Parente
Artworks: Dusk in Motion. Sunset in Motion

Named as one of Houston’s top 10 painters by Houston Press Magazine, Nicola’s work is inspired by themes of movement and change in the natural environment. His multidisciplinary work spans all mediums from sculpture to fine art.

Level 18

Artist: Danielle Aldea Hodgins
Artworks: Sunrise Floral. Sunset Floral

While they differ in media and purpose, Danielle’s artistic endeavors are connected in style and theme. Each project celebrates people, place, nature, and creative craft through the use of painterly technique, vibrant color, and artisan tradition.

Level 19

Artist: Nicky Davis
Artworks: Houston Shines 1 and 2

Nicky’s art is an exploration into his imagination, influenced by Saturday morning cartoons, graffiti covered walls, and long hikes through the wilderness. His illustrative style is consistent across a range of mediums from designer toys to fine art.

Level 20

Artist: Brian Piana
Artworks: RGB Landscape (Drewery Place). No. 1 & 2.

Brian is a visual artist who largely uses the internet as source material. Using acrylic latex paint on canvas he creates striking blocks of vertical color the sequence for which is generated by real-time online searches for tags and labels.

Level 21

Artist: James E Walker
Artworks: Floatin’ Scapes. Twenty Seven Floors

Known for his album cover art, brand design and illustration style, James explores his creative process via mediums that include digital software platforms, silkscreen printing, vinyl installations, word burning and photography.

Level 22

Artist: Gbenga Ayeni
Artworks: Co-existence. Tomorrow is looking good

Gbenga is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer. His work focuses on issues of identity, beauty, sexuality, and cultural influences that inform technological change and social shifts in Africa.

Level 23

Artist: Jasmine Zelaya
Artworks: Two of Hearts #1 & #2

Based in Houston, Jasmine’s work has been exhibited throughout the US.
She was the cover artist for an issue of New American Paintings and her work features on building exteriors in Downtown Houston.

Level 24

Artist: Bao Pham
Artworks: Dream Machine. Black Hole.

Bao is a self-taught artist and muralist who has left his mark in cities around the world. His preference for spray paint is a comment on what constitutes high art and finding space for art that’s less pretentious and more inclusive to any individual.

Level 25

Artist: Charis Kelley
Artworks: What Lies Beneath. Creation

Raised in the Acres Homes area, Charis’s paintings depict her reflections of the historic Houston neighborhood where she grew up. Her bold, crisp, and realistic imagery can be found in murals in many public spaces across Houston and the US.

Level 26

Artist: Patricia A. Barrera
Artworks: Presence. Absence

Patricia’s intuitive painting and use of experimental mixed media promotes peace, positivism, and cultural pride. Her work is vibrant, visual affirmation of the strength and spirit of community.