How to Keep Your Pet Happy in an Apartment or Condo

May 01, 2020

We know that every member of the household is considered family. So, we’ve put together a list of top tips to ensure your fur babies love your new home as much as you do.

How to Make Sure Your Pet Loves Apartment Living

While baby-proofing your home or finding a family-friendly neighborhood is often front of mind when buying a new home, pet-proofing also needs to be a serious consideration for pet-owners looking to move.

More and more people are sharing their home with a furry friend with an estimated 135 million cats and dogs calling USA home in 2017, and with more people choosing to live in high-rises, it stands to reason that the number of pets living apartments will also rise.

At Caydon we know that every member of the household is considered family. So, we’ve put together a list of top tips to ensure your fur babies love your new home as much as you do.

Create a space for your pet

Everyone wants room to spread out and feel comfortable, and this is no different for your pets.

While you may want to spend every waking moment with Fido, consider a separate space for your pet’s bed and toys so they can relax and have some alone time when they need it. That doesn’t mean you need an extra bedroom; if you’re looking at a Caydon apartment or condominium, make sure you ask about our flexi-space floorplans that offer that extra bit of space for a study nook, day bed or just a place for your pet to feel at home. It could even make a great space for a rabbit run.

Make sure there are nearby walks

While some cats may be happy to live indoors most of the time, more active animals like dogs love being outdoors, going to the park and running around. Because of this, there’s a common misconception that dogs won’t be happy without a big backyard. However, when it comes to keeping active animals happy the surrounding area is more important than private space.

At Drewery Place, phase one of our Laneways project in Houston’s Midtown neighborhood, your pet will feel perfectly at home on Level 7. Here you’ll find a pet spa and a pet park. 

Our buildings are always near life’s necessities and this includes parks and gardens in the wider community. At Laneways, Midtown Park is just across the street with a gated dog run and monthly Yappy Hours for you and your pup to socialize. Houston also has the most greenspace and park acreage among all U.S. cities of over one million residents, so you’ll never be far from your next four-legged adventure

Choose an apartment with pet-friendly surfaces

We all consider our pets fur babies and know that they’re not too far off a real one – except they often run faster, jump higher and chew through furniture. Claws, talons and nails can all contribute to wear and tear on your home so look for properties that are up to the challenge.

At Caydon, we know life isn’t always perfect so most of our homes have engineered floorboards that are not only scratch-resistant, but the slight texture of the grain means they are safer for you and your four-legged friends to walk around on compared to traditional polished floorboards.

Even with the most pet-friendly surfaces, make sure your fur-friend still has a comfy bed for when they need to chill out.

Nearby pet-friendly cafes and spas

Dog-friendly food spots are on the rise in America. Laneways residents are spoiled for choice with pet travel and lifestyle website listing close to 500 dog-friendly restaurants in Houston, including Barnaby’s Cafe (5 minute drive from Laneways), Social Beer Garden (5 minute walk from Laneways), Axelrad Beer Garden (3 minute drive from Laneways) and Natachee's Supper 'n Punch (2 minute drive from Laneways).

Dog spas also have been popping up, with treatments that would make even the most pampered human envious. Houstonians are spoiled for choice with Urban Tails Pet ResortJackson’s Place Unleashed Pet Resort all within a 5 minute drive of Laneways.

Meet the neighbors

Need a pet-sitter or just someone to walk with? We’re all a little time poor sometimes, and finding the time to walk your pet can get tricky– luckily living in a Caydon property provides plenty of opportunities to find a pet-sitter or dog-walker that you won’t need to travel far to meet. Our Caydon HQ app (for both iPhones and Androids) allows you to connect with your neighbors easily. You can also use Spruce through the Caydon HQ app to book professional pet sitting services, including dog walking, feeding, or some to just playing around with your pets and keep them occupied and happy while you’re out. You can also use local social media groups to find people slightly further afield.

Check in on your pets even when you’re not at home

Make sure your pet feels the love even when you’re not there. There are plenty of products that can help you check in with and interact with your pet when you’re away from home. Cameras are great for keeping an eye on your pet, and if it has two-way audio and microphones you’ll be able to know when they’re getting a bit too excited and give them a quick warning. Some even let you feed them treats while you talk to them so you can reward good behavior from afar.



Whilst all advice is aimed at helping you find the purrrfect home for you and your fur mate, it’s important to note that some animals, especially large dogs are not suited to apartments due to space confinements, proximity to neighbours and balcony height restrictions. If you are concerned about the suitability of a Caydon home for you and your pet, feel free to contact us to discuss.