Our projects are part urban planning, part luxury design, part a gateway to the existing community, and part a creator of a new lifestyle. We’ve been redefining ease for the city dweller in Melbourne for over 15 years through a combination of livable design, stylish retail and dining space, fun communal space, and luxury amenities. Our first U.S. project is under construction in Houston, and we’re excited to start on our Seattle tower in early 2019. While the personalities of these cities form the basis for the feel of each project, our Melbourne savvy is what makes us unique, so we plan to inject a little bit of our laid-back, everything-you-need-at-your-fingertips Aussie-ness in these new developments. Living, working, and playing in one of our buildings or public spaces means you are part of a community that is a microcosm of all that's best about your city.

Our vision has come to life in our projects back in Australia because we activate the ground plane with a mixture of options where people can sit, relax, eat, meet, and enjoy. With our iconic project, The Malt District, we’re transforming a former industrial site into an important and exciting cultural asset for Melbourne. Many of the world’s major cities have turned their abandoned industrial areas into vibrant, creative, and compelling districts, and this will be a Melbourne first. Our vision for the project is to thoughtfully respect the heritage architecture while introducing a new set of uses that will transform it into a destination. Anchored by the landmark Nylex clock and a new gastropub and microbrewery, the public space—with its events, pop-up markets, and moonlight theaters—will be the place to see and be seen.

Another key component of our vision is selecting locations that provide convenience. We make sure we’re close to public transport, so you can enjoy an easy commute rather than get stuck in traffic; close to restaurants and bars, so you can walk home after dinner and a wine; and central to employment hubs, so you can get to work faster and have more time in your day to enjoy doing the things you love. 
The developments now underway in Houston and Seattle both have that Melbourne-inflected touch of modern design and a big dose of Aussie charm. In Houston, 2850 Fannin Street will combine amenities like a swim-up bar and landscaped gardens with the convenience of being right on the METRORail and across from the Midtown Park—and it will all be in the heart of Midtown. 

Houston Fannin St pool amenity render

We have something special planned for Seattle, too. Our project is located at 8th & Cherry Street, where rel="noopener noreferrer" we’re working with SCB Architects to design a luxury tower that will have unparalleled views of the city, Mount Rainier, and the Bay. Here, Melbourne style meets the fresh outdoor aesthetic of the Pacific Northwest, demonstrating the brilliance of what happens when cultures combine—the heart of what makes Caydon’s vision so transformative.
Our principal, Joe Russo, and our entire team understand that building with a focus on individuals and their rich day-to-day life will lead to “sophisticated, connected urban spaces that inspire both community and individuality.” We hope to play a significant role in defining urban living for the new global century, creating places that encourage health and happiness and stand the test of time.