Thoughtful Design: Caydon's Design Philosphy

Sep 12, 2018

Each space we create is designed for the people who will live there. We put their needs and desires at the forefront of our design.

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a space that makes you pause? Those spaces where you feel welcome and just a little bit intrigued at the same time. Where striking features, both playful or purposeful, join forces to leave a lasting impression on you and the environment. Spaces you’ll want to call your own. These are the spaces we create.

Each space we create is designed for the people who will live there. We put their needs and desires at the forefront of our design. Our spaces feel human, they are places that say “stay as long as you like”. We celebrate people; the families, the creatives, the couples, the singles, hard-working, fun and fabulous people. The people who will live in, share and come together in the places we create.

Our Design Philosophy

For us, architecture and design aren’t just about creating plans for buildings. It’s the art of narrating spaces and dictating the blank canvas for residents to fill with their individual experiences and memories. But we also strive to create a sense of community and connectedness, not just through the shared spaces and amenities in our buildings, but through how individual apartments work together to enhance lifestyles.

We design from the heart. This allows us to create innovative and functional destinations that make people feel instantly connected. Places that enrich the quality of lives, while making a positive contribution to the fabric of the surrounding environment.

With every apartment, building and space we design, we ask ourselves “will this enhance a sense of belonging and help people thrive?” The resounding “yes” comes from the attention placed on every element of the building, from the gardens, rooftops, pools and fitness centers and, of course, from inside every apartment, condo or terrace home. In every space we create, wellbeing and happiness are key.

Our Inspiration

Our biggest inspiration is you. We approach every design with a sense of empathy and a desire to gain a deep understanding of who will live there, how they will live there, and also consider the surrounding neighborhood. We take inspiration from the site, its heritage and its surrounds to ensure our transformation resonates with our neighbors as well as those who will call it home.

As our developments are within 10km of the city, the sites we revitalize often have a strong connection to the past. We are respectful of this history, often giving a nod or two to previous eras and industries, but we always look to the future and new innovations in architecture, construction and design.

For us, thoughtful design is also about being intuitive. It’s about creating spaces, buildings to cater for the way we live today while envisioning who they will cater for future lifestyles

Thoughtful Design in Action

Each site is unique, every neighborhood is different, just like the people who live there, so the influences for each site are different too. No two of our properties are ever the same.

Whether you’re acutely aware of it or not, our society is looking for authentic experiences in architecture, design, and planning that amplify the inherent qualities of a place. Iconic sites like The Malt District inspire a landmark response, and that’s what we deliver.

When you live in a Caydon home, we hope you’ll feel healthier and happier. Wellness is central to our holistic approach to living. Whether you like to exercise in the comfort and convenience of your home or enjoy the ability to entertain in a larger area, all our shared spaces deserve the same attention to detail given to hero spaces, like kitchens.

There’s also a renaissance in creative bathroom design, creating a relaxing space that allows you to 'unplug'. These small details allow you to indulge in personal luxuries for your wellbeing.

Looking Ahead

We have a depth of talent from around the world at Caydon with exposure to different ways of living and working. We’re inspired by Melbourne but we’re always looking for inspiration wherever it may strike to uncover the latest trends. This international team brings insight and experience to the design table so while we’re inspired by our city, we’re always looking for inspiration. We might be leaders in our fields but we’re constantly looking for new ways and ideas to enhance living.

Continued professional development across all areas of architectural design and construction help us stay informed, adapt and evolve. By focusing on the experience of living, our paces have elevated connected living beyond a trend, to become part of our design philosophy. Timeless style, exceptional quality and design from the heart future-proofs the destinations we create making them as relevant today, as they will be for generations to come.

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